FCF’s expertise comes from afar and is constantly updated to the latest innovations. A trained and capable team, a state-of-the-art fleet of machines and quality control system allow us to offer precision machining at competitive costs and on time delivery.

Carpentry and cutting lines

We are able to supply medium to large carpentry and have the cutting lines, manual and automatic, to organise the machining of single or series parts of any size.
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The devil is in the details! The detail makes the difference and it is precisely the details that are our strength, whatever the size. At FCF we have invested in a large and prestigious fleet of milling machines, which are operated by experienced and highly qualified personnel. The result? The guarantee of high precision and maximum machining accuracy, even on large machines.
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FCF has equipped itself with different types of machinery to be able to guarantee machining on traditional lathes, operated by our experienced operators, on CNC lathes equipped with a Y-axis and also on the latest generation of multi-tasking turning machines. With this triple machining capability we can guarantee higher production speeds and flexibility for our customers.
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Grinding is one of the flagships of FCF. We are one of the few machining companies in Italy that can guarantee very high precision and a high level of surface finish even on large parts. All this is possible thanks to state-of-the-art CNC machinery and up-to-date, trained operators with years of experience in machining.
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Electric discharge machining

We are equipped with advanced EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) technology, which guarantees maximum flexibility in EDM machining of workpieces. EDM allows us to machine materials with very high hardness or special products with complex geometric shapes that cannot be machined by the milling process. The result is high dimensional accuracy.
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Machining for keys and flaps, grooved profiles, etc. over a very wide range of machinable dimensions, made possible thanks to the slotting machines in our machining fleet.
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Heat treatments

At FCF we are structured to manage and control heat treatments on all types of materials, whether required during the work cycle or in the final stage, including many types of coatings.


We also manage this stage of the machining process in-house, applying numerous painting cycles with colours and products specified by our customers.