The winning intuition of the two founders Giuseppe Faurlin and Sergio Campeotto led to the foundation of FCF in 1978. From the very beginning, the company was involved in precision machining for third parties and began a long journey of growth, hard work and great satisfaction.
After almost half a century, the leadership of FCF passed to the second generation, building on the legacy left by Faurlin and the active support of Campeotto.


FCF can be a partner and not just a supplier because of many factors and for one big reason: people. In our opinion, human capital is FCF’s true wealth, which we cultivate daily through excellence training, technical and technological refresher courses and great care in selecting new staff members.
FCF is a big family with two surnames: Faurlin-Campeotto.


The turnaround brought major technological innovation through the adoption of new technologies and digitisation processes.
The diversification of the fleet of machines, regular training and updating sessions combined with the large production area allow us to call ourselves a ‘smart factory’.
The journey of almost half a century has transformed us from a simple machining company to a partner able to offer customised solutions for its customers.
In FCF we have 6 indispensable cornerstones:

High professional staff training

Not only in terms of expertise and technical specialisation, but also in terms of customer service at all stages of the project, starting with the initial design consultation, when we identify the best solution for each client in terms of result and cost.

Technological innovation of systems

Machinery and devices capable of applying the most modern solutions in the field of applied mechanics. We guarantee the fulfilment of the most complex orders, taking care of every aspect in detail, from the realisation of the individual component to the assembly of the entire plant.

Total co-ordination of the production process steps

The FCF approach guarantees the customer both the possibility of interfacing with a single interlocutor even in the case of large orders, and the utmost rigour in final quality control.

Synergistic integration between departments

At FCF, we have structured a true in-house production network that allows us to meet delivery times while keeping costs as low as possible for the customer with the same quality expressed.

Construction of an integrated logistics centre

We always have a large stock and take care of the procurement and selection of raw materials so that we can respond as quickly as possible to Just in Time requests.

Setting up a fiduciary partnership system

All our external suppliers are referenced and certified. FCF presents itself on the market as a partner of absolute reliability and our vast experience enables it to offer the highest quality for all projects: from single components to compound and assembled products, with no limits in terms of size, complexity or customisation.


The two pillars of FCF: technology and people. These two indispensable aspects form the basis of our values, made up of professional ethics, tradition, openness to technological innovations and respect for the environment.


At FCF, we believe that sustainability is a fundamental and strategic aspect of our business, to which we must refer carefully and concretely. In fact, we have always placed the protection of the environment, land and people at the centre of our activities, which is why in recent years we have embarked on a more structured virtuous path, which we follow with dedication.
Results in FCF are never slow in coming:
• we have installed almost 500 kW of photovoltaic systems, allowing the production of 500,000 kwh of renewable energy per year, expandable if our needs increase;
• we have achieved 100% low-energy lighting within our premises;
• we are a company with “zero emissions” of fumes into the atmosphere from our processes;
• we boast long-standing collaborations with suppliers, partners and in-house personnel that indicate seriousness, respect and reliability;
• we provide job, training and growth opportunities for young people, as the average age of our team shows;
• we organise frequent technical and management training courses for our staff.

“A Quality System is a systematic way of ensuring that
the organisation’s activities are carried out exactly as planned”

Philip B. Crosby