FCF’s path has always been dynamic, constantly evolving, aimed at offering the best mechanical solutions to customers. We take care of the entire machining cycle: from design to manufacture of parts, from testing to logistics.
This approach allows us to create an all-round path of excellence and manage even the most complex and extensive projects without ever losing sight of even the smallest of details.
A path that bases and focuses its growth on several directions that lead us to offer a wide range of services:


FCF means experience, cross-sector knowledge, specific skills, problem-solving abilities, and a propensity to use state-of-the-art machinery. This is why we are recognised by the market as a partner capable of providing advice and technical solutions of the highest level, contributing in a concrete way to the success of our customers' projects.


At FCF we have equipped ourselves with the most advanced CAD CAM tools on the market. These make it easy even to create programmes for very complex parts and allow us to reduce processing times and reduce the risk of human error. Ultimately, FCF's CAD/CAM design results in savings for the customer.


We have the technology, expertise and organisation to respond effectively to our customers' every need. At FCF we have a large in-house warehouse, with continuous supplies of commonly used materials for the projects we work on such as quenched and tempered steels, special steels, stainless steels and various non-ferrous materials. At a time of raw material shortages, having what we need in house is a huge operational advantage and allows us to meet delivery deadlines more closely, as well as ensuring that Just in Time requests are met.


The assembly of machinery, or parts thereof, according to customer specifications allows us to make the most of our capabilities by deploying all our experience from the machining of individual components to the many years of experience in the assembly of automatic machines.


The parts produced by FCF are subjected to strict quality controls by our quality control department. Here we employ the best skilled technicians, equipped with sophisticated measuring and testing equipment.
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The coordinate measuring machine installed in the FCF metrology room guarantees the highest accuracy for even the most demanding customers.